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Φ1050 Pipe Expander Machine

Φ1050 Pipe Expander Machine

Product introduction

 The equipment is designed due to the insufficiency of large diameter seamless steel tube production and specification. It's a two oil cylinder or four oil cylinder parallel uniform velocity pushing machine, pump station valve table adopts integrated form. Setting  the power of medium frequency heating power supply, force and stroke of oil cylinder according to the outer diameter and length of the pipe.
     The equipment has following parts: Main machine, automatic feeding and unloading material system, hydraulic pump station, medium frequency power supply, adjustable holder of induction coil .
    Our factory independent research and development of automatic hydraulic expanding machine has won the national patent, 
    Adopt PLC control system, realize the expansion process automation.
    Equipment Specifications:
    1. Production Range: OD108mm-1050mm   

    2. Thickness: 6mm-120mm

    3. Material: Carbon Steel, Alloy steel, Stainless Steel 

Detailed introduction Technical parameters

Product consulting

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