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Induction Heating Power Transformer

Induction Heating Power Transformer

Product introduction

    Keeping long –term cooperation with Hebei University of Technology ,the  medium/high frequency power supply has advanced level.
   Our KGPS Series of Intermediate Frequency Power Supply suit for smelting, pipe hot expanding, quenching, drying, induction bending, etc, low loss of reactive power, high power factor .
    We can also design and manufacture kinds of power supply and ancillary facilities as the customer requirement.
     Medium-frequency power : 50KW-3000KW, Frequency:100-8000Hz(8KHz).
     The Medium-frequency Power Supply from 1200KW to 3000KW ,input voltage is AC 660V-1000V.

Detailed introduction Technical parameters

Product consulting

Fax : 0086-317-6817833
Address:Xiwang New District ,Mengcun Hui Autonomous County, Hebei province,China. sitemap google

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