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500T Press Machine

500T Press Machine

Product introduction

      Application: Elbow shaping , Elbow press forming, Tee hot forming
      Main features: 

      1. Structure adopts the computer optimization design, the structure is simple, economical and practical.
    2. Hydraulic control using integrated system, reliable operation, long service life, hydraulic impact is small, and reduce the connecting line and leakage point, hydraulic integrated system uses independent control unit.
    3. Independent electrical control system, reliable work, action intuitive, convenient maintenance.
      Scope of production: Maximum 4000T .
      Our hydraulic presses are have been exported to India, Russia and other countries. 
      Adopt PLC control, make the process full-automatic. 

Our hot products: hydraulic press,press machine,hydraulic press machine.

Detailed introduction Technical parameters

Product consulting

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