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The induction pipe bending machine is better than cold forming elbow machine 返回首頁

The induction pipe bending machine can be used for the hot bending of various types of round or square steel pipe, stainless steel pipe and joist steel; and is applicable to petroleum, chemical industry, metallurgy, steel structure and boiler etc.

The use of an induction pipe bending machine provides significant benefits as compared to cold forming a bend in tube or pipe. The main advantage is that the induction bending machine minimizes the deformation of the material and distortion of the cross-section while achieving tight radius bends.

An induction coil heats a narrow section of the pipe and once the desired temperature is reached, the pipe slowly passes through the coil as the bending force is applied. Once the bend has been completed, the heated area is cooled either by a spray of water or air.

The induction pipe bending machine is better than cold forming elbow machine

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