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Why do you chooose Li Ming induction bending machine? 返回首頁

Li Ming Electrical & Machinery Factory is well known as a professional manufacturer of Hydraulic pipefitting equipments.

Thanks to the devoting to the research and manufacture of the pipe fitting equipments for many years, we obtain a substantial development, many patents and technical certifications. The main products include induction pipe bending machine, hot forming elbow machine, cold forming tee machine, pipe expanding machine, hydraulic press, beveling machine. The equipments are welcomed by domestic and oversea market, getting a very high reputation, have been exported to USA, England, Russia, Belarus, Turkey, Poland, Ukraine, India, Iran, Vietnam, Saudi Arabia, Singapore and so on. We have a complete system of product testing and effective quality managing, with the ability to design, manufacture,installation and debugging. We also have long-term cooperations with colleges & unversities, such as Hebei University of Technology, Hebei University of science and technology, University of Science and Technology Beijing etc, for the technical development of new product.

We are adhering to the philosophy of “Your satisfaction is our eternal pursuit”, the spirit of “Customer first, Service first”, providing customers with best products and warmth, pre-sales/after-sales service.

Welcome customers domestic and abroad to negotiate, cooperate with us and developping together.

induction pipe bending machine

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