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How To Operate Hydraulic Medium Frequency Pipe Bending Machine? 返回首頁

The operation steps of the intermediate frequency Bending Pipe Machine:

It is extremely important to use the bender in a human and intelligent way. The safety of the operator and the mold installer is as important as the life of the machine. Proper use and maintenance of the machine will increase the life of the machine. However, incorrect use can lead to accidents and there are serious dangers. Incorrect use of the bender may not be deliberate, but it will accelerate the wear and deterioration of the machine parts.

Pipe Bending Machine

Pipe Bending Machine

There is a safety guard beside the curved arm of the machine. If a worker enters the action range of the bending arm, the bending arm will stop suddenly when the bending arm clamps the worker, and the screen will display an alarm to prevent personnel. Was severely pinched.

When the Pipe Bending Machine is in an emergency, you can press the emergency stop button to interrupt the power supply to prevent dangerous events. After the danger is removed, you need to reboot. Make sure the power is turned on before rebooting.

1. The position of the emergency stop button

On the operator panel: Pressing this button will stop all motor and servo power.

2. Avoid overload

Abuse of machinery and equipment will cause overload of machine parts. Excessive load may not be deliberate, but it is easy to happen. This is because the torque required to bend the pipe is greater than the torque range of the original design of the machine.

Confirm the load in the operation of the machine to avoid overloading the machine components, otherwise it will affect the service life of the machine and the safety of the operators.

The maximum bending ability is the most standard of the tensile coefficient of the bendable general iron pipe of 40Kg/cm2.

Be sure to follow these specifications as this will result in serious damage to the machine.

If you have any other questions, feel free to contact Beveling Machine Factory.

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