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What Should I Do If Electrical Box Of Hot Pipe Bending Machine Leaks? 返回首頁

The Hot Pipe Bending Machine must be completely isolated from the power source before any electrical box of the bender is opened. The machine's three-phase power main switch must be turned off and clearly marked on the machine or in the operator's operating area. The main power switch must be locked in a closed position with a more stable device. It should be noted that even if the main insulator is closed, the total pipeline supply power that is entered remains.

Before using the High Quality Induction Pipe Bending Machine, the voltage of all transformers should be changed to the voltage that is suitable for the local operation of the machine. Special reminders should be connected to the main insulation switch in the electrical box before the machine is sent from the manufacturer. The power supply to the machine must be three-phase powered and grounded in accordance with local electrical codes.

Hot Pipe Bending Machine

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