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What Are The Special Features Of Induction Pipe Bending Machine Control System? 返回首頁

(1) CNC system based on programmable controller (PLC) Currently, it is widely used in the control system of semi-automatic processing of Induction Pipe Bending Machine. In order to make the human-computer interaction friendly and meet the complicated bending process, on the CNC bending machine, PLC is used as the lower computer to directly interact with the hardware and use the touch screen to realize the display, thus developing the PLC-based bending machine CNC system. But the disadvantages of PLC are: large size and relatively expensive price.

(2) CNC system based on single chip microcomputer The numerical control pipe bending machine developed by single chip microcomputer has low cost, simple operation, good real-time performance and strong adaptability on site. And the pipe bending machine is easy to operate, friendly and friendly, and is generally used to develop a simple economical CNC pipe bending machine.

(3) CNC system based on industrial PC With the gradual strengthening and perfection of PC functions. The Induction Pipe Bending Machine Wholesaler has applied PCs to the field of automation. In order to withstand the harsh working conditions of high and low temperature impact, humidity, vibration, electromagnetic interference, dust, etc., manufacturers have increased measures such as seal protection, filters, plate beading and additional fans. Formed an industrial PC. In the CNC system of the bender, PC or industrial PC motherboard is used as the CNC platform. Various modules that implement NC functions, such as motion control cards, are inserted through the PCI/ISA slot on the motherboard (or motherboard). , DA board, work / 0 board, etc., constitute a highly flexible automatic bending machine CNC system. Making full use of the resources of the Windows operating system and programming in a high-level language can make the functions of the numerical control software system more powerful.

Induction Pipe Bending Machine

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