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Pipe Expanding Machine Hydraulic Cylinder Removal Process 返回首頁

First of all, you must first know the hydraulic cylinder of Pipe Expanding Machine that you need to disassemble, but you must first survey before dismantling. Prepare for future assembly. In addition, it is the location of the port and the size of the installation.

Then you can remove the bottom of the cylinder, the cylinder head and the guide sleeve. Take out the piston rod from the cylinder, and guard against the impact of the piston rod. Then Pipe Expanding Machine Supplier always remove the piston. The pistons are usually threaded, but there are anti-retract screws. First remove the anti-retract screws. At the end, the seal is removed.

When a hydraulic system has multiple hydraulic cylinders, it is necessary to connect a valve at the pump outlet to ensure that each hydraulic cylinder can be both normal and quiet when there is nothing wrong with it.

It is best to install an electromagnetic spill valve. This valve can control the pressure of your entire system. When the cylinder does not rise pressure above the nominal pressure, it can open the pressure relief. Under the nominal pressure, the valve can close the hydraulic cylinder. It can be easily controlled by electronically controlled overflow.

Pipe Expanding Machine

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