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Advantage Of Cold Elbow Machine 返回首頁

Cold bending machine, also known as bending machine, is mainly used for bending of profiles such as tunnels, subways, hydropower stations, underground caverns, etc. The cold elbow machine price is a new type of equipment for processing tunnel steel arches. It consists of six parts: base, mechanical transmission, cold bending system, hydraulic system, electrical control system and auxiliary system.

1. Eliminate the heating furnace, save manpower and increase production.

2. The ribs can be bent to bend the ribs.

3,the left and right ribs can be bent at the same time (except "T" steel), so that their shape is consistent.

4, The wholesale Cold Elbow Machine can can bend the ribs with shoulders, can also bend the longitudinal beam, deck beam, dragon ribs, davit and so on.

6. The ribs do not need to be straightened before cold bending, and can be shot blasted before bending.

cold elbow machine price

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