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The beveling machine works by clamping the glass with the front and rear pressure plates and driving its linear motion for grinding. There are two things to note in use:

1. The front and rear of the glass beveling machine and the guide rails should be lubricated frequently. Otherwise, the normal service life of the machine will be affected by the premature wear of the front and rear pressure plates and the working surface of the guide rail. Although some models have automatic lubrication devices, it is also necessary to check whether the lubrication lines are unblocked;

2. When the high quality beveling machine clamps the glass, the clamping force should be appropriate. Too loose affects the grinding quality. Too tight will increase the load of the machine. The glass beveling machine is prone to jitter and creep. It is easy to clamp when grinding thin glass. shattered glass. The clamping force can be tested on the machine with a slightly larger glass clamp, that is, the glass is clamped in the middle of the machine, and the glass beveling machine stops the hand with the force plate to move the glass, and the clamping force is adjusted to just move the hands. Time is appropriate.

beveling machine

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