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Precautions Of Induction Bending Machine 返回首頁

First, the thicker the stainless steel sheet, the greater the bending strength required, and the stainless steel extension effect is poor. When bending, it should not be too fast to avoid breaking.

Second, the recovery elasticity of stainless steel is large. If the fixed bending angle is to be processed, the actual angle of the bending tool should be smaller. If you want to bend it to 90 degrees, the angle of the induction bending machine should be less than 90 degrees. The specific angle should be set according to the elasticity of the stainless steel.

Third, the smaller the stainless steel size, the worse the extension effect, the greater the required bending strength, and the stronger the recovery elasticity. Pay special attention when bending, so as not to break or the machining angle is not enough.

Processing of high quality induction bending machine is mainly for large stainless steel plates. For smaller stainless steel materials, if more than one bending process is to be performed, it is recommended to use the cutting and welding process.

induction bending machine

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