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Maintenance Of Pipe Expanding Machine 返回首頁

The pipe expanding machine is a relatively important model in the manufacture of seamless steel pipes. Its expansion rate can reach 60%, and the maximum time can reach 80%. The diameter of the steel pipe that it rolls can reach eighty. Therefore, the intermediate frequency pipe expanding machine is mainly used in the production of large-diameter thin-walled steel pipes, which is one of the primary production and processing methods for large-diameter seamless steel pipes.

The high quality pipe expanding machine also needs to pay attention to timely maintenance when it is used in normal times. The intermediate frequency pipe expander needs to be maintained once or twice a month. Check the fastening parts of each part during maintenance, and tighten if you find it loose. If you find that the progress of the IF pipe expander may be retreating, the IF pipe expander first checks whether the solenoid valve can still work normally. Then check the sequence valve and the relief valve. Do you have any other things? Form a stuck appearance, take apart the diesel and clean it well, and then assemble it from scratch.

pipe expanding machine

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