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Noting Of Pipe Expanding Machine 返回首頁

When the operator of the pipe expanding machine performs the pipe expansion operation, the first thing to do is to place the pipe fitting directly in the mold with the left hand, and the left hand must be used to open the switch.

When performing the operation of the induction bending machine, if the operator finds that there are aluminum chips and iron filings in the mold, firstly, the power of the switch is first closed, and then the debris is cleaned.

If the machine is in trouble when the pipe expander is in operation, then the power supply should be closed in time, and the engineer should be told in time to tell the security personnel to repair.

The operator of the pipe expander must be professional, and it is not allowed to operate the machine privately.

When expanding the pipe, the pipe expander must have professional personnel. It can be used in the future through professional training. The operation must be carried out according to the operation process. The troubles that are usually easy to occur must be taken more carefully to prevent operational errors.

pipe expanding machine

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