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Safe Operation Method Of Pipe Expanding Machine 返回首頁

Before the operation of Pipe Expanding Machine, check whether the surface of the power supply path is damaged. After confirming the normal operation, proceed to the next process.

Select the core bar, core, heater according to the diameter and thickness of the machine, and install them in order.

Do not add oil to the pipe and the pipe mold, clear the dirt inside the pipe, and evenly apply lead powder in the pipe.

The parts should be clamped and the steel tube and the heater should be centered concentrically.

Adjust the process parameters and turn on the power in sequence to run the production told by Induction Pipe Bending Machine Supplier.

Pay attention to the temperature, speed, size, and quality of the steel pipe surface during operation.

After the expansion of the pipe is completed, the machine tool is in a state to be produced, the power is turned off, and the cleaning machine and the surrounding environment are sanitized, and the daily maintenance work is done.

Pipe Expanding Machine

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