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Tee Forming Machine Technology And Principle 返回首頁

Tee Forming Machine technology uses a tube blank as a raw material, and by applying a liquid pressure to the lumen and applying a load in the axial direction, plastic deformation occurs in the mold cavity, and the tube wall is bonded to the inner surface of the mold, thereby obtaining Forming technology for the required shape parts. For products with small rounded corners and difficult to shape, it is often used in segmented pressure forming, that is, the pipe is expanded with a small pressure first, and the rounding is made into a larger rounded corner. At this time, the wall thickness is kept relatively uniform, and then the pressure is increased. Forcing the pipe fittings to fit the mold, the material at the rounded corners is stretched and deformed, and the wall of the pipe is thinned to finally obtain the required tee.

Hydraulic Tee Machine molding principle: first put the tube blank into the lower mold cavity, press the plunger pusher into the two ends of the pipe under the action of the hydraulic cylinder, seal the pipe cavity, and then liquid the liquid through the liquid passage in the pusher The medium is injected into the tube cavity; at this time, the upper mold moves downward, and forms a closed cavity together with the lower mold. Finally, the high pressure pump and the valve control the liquid pressure continuously, the pusher pushes the pipe inward, the pipe wall is deformed and gradually forms a mold. The inner wall is tight and the three-way shape is formed.

Tee Forming Machine

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