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Cold Forming Tee Machine Requirements For Working Media 返回首頁

(1) It can provide good lubrication to the equipment which from Cold Forming Tee Machine Wholesaler, which can ensure the sensitive operation of the equipment.

(2) It is necessary to play a role of anti-rust, to avoid corrosion of the equipment can extend the service life of the equipment.

(3) It has the fluidity and low compression of the society, which can ensure the transmission of pressure and shave the transmission efficiency.

(4) Easy to seal

(5) Long service life. If the working medium has better stability, the long-term use of the non-destructive quality can reduce the working cost of the working medium and reduce the replacement work. Because of the above requirements, the initial working medium of the press from Hydraulic Tee Machine Wholesaler is water, and then the water becomes an emulsion in which the emulsion is added to the water. This has improved the rust and lubrication. The emulsion also has many types. There are some differences in the above types. The water-based emulsion is very satisfactory, but its cost is limited. Its promotion.

Cold Forming Tee Machine Wholesaler

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