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Energy Saving Methods And Ways Of Hot Pipe Bending Machine 返回首頁

As the scope of application of the Hot Pipe Bending Machine becomes wider and wider, we have to think about the next issue, which is about the energy consumption of the pipe bender. As an important part of its production cost, only reducing the energy consumption of the bender can reduce the overall cost and enhance the competitiveness of the product in the market.

After the test, it was found that the electric energy consumption of the induction bending machine is mainly the electric energy consumption of the hydraulic system oil pump, and energy saving should start from here. In this way, the installation of the variable frequency speed control device is an effective way. It can rectify and filter the AC energy into DC power through the rectification link, and convert the AC power into different frequencies through the inverter link to output the motor to achieve energy saving. purpose.

In the process of reforming the hydraulic pipe bending machine, it is generally in the form of a power frequency-frequency conversion double circuit; at the same time, it is necessary to fully consider the influence of environmental conditions, grid voltage, load size and other factors; The power line of the device is separated from the control line, and the control line should be shielded as much as possible. Do not forget to strengthen the anti-interference ability of the variable frequency energy-saving speed control device.

Hot Pipe Bending Machine

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