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Defects and control of indcution pipe bending machine 返回首頁

 The bending process of the nuclear power plant,the common defects of the induction pipe bending machine and the solution to these defects.

At present, hydraulic pipe bending machine has been widely used in the construction of electric power, petroleum, chemical, marine, nuclear power station and other engineering fields. The whole bending process is fully mechanized and can be automated. Can guarantee the quality and save a lot of manpower, fuel and time.

Induction pipe bending machine,the steel tube to a certain speed through the induction coil, in the case of the medium frequency current, role of the steel tube fast local heating to a plasticity state, when bending, the induction coil spray water to tube , so that the rapid cooling, in order to maintain the shape of  bending .

 As the medium frequency bend is one band and one band gradually curved, so the quality of the appearance is very good, oval, wall thickness, and the thinning rate can meet the requirements of the specification. At the same time, through the control and protection of the processing technology, the material properties are not lower than that of the straight pipe after the bending.

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