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Tee machine cold forming steel tee process--LiMing Electrical & Machinery Factory 返回首頁

      Tee machine cold forming steel tee process--LiMing Electrical & Machinery Factory, according to the steel tee different specifications for the cutting. After the material to sand blasting, to Removal of surface oxide scale prior to forming. It is formed by hydraulic bulge forming method. Have the mould, the mould base is straight, Flange hole on the mould. Put the pipe in the mould, pipe with hydraulic cylinder fixed ,on both sides of the filling liquid inward bulge, the tube is squeezed into a convex shape, the bulge cutted from the appropriate position, also beveling the end. It must be shot blasting two times.

       Due to the Tee machine production steel tee process, there is work hardening, so it is also required heat treatment.

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