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The manufacturer of indution pipe bending machine--Liming Electrical & Machinery Factory 返回首頁

       Pipes bend by intermediate frequency  power . pipe bender machine are widely used in the field of  petroleum, natural gas, chemical, pharmaceutical and so on. Induction pipe bending machine can bend many kinds of tubes.

     LiMing Electrical & Machinery Factory is  well known as a professional manufacturer of Hydraulic pipe fitting forming equipment. Its  main product: Induction pipe bending machine, elbow machine, tee machine, pipe expanding machine, hydraulic press ,bevel machine, Cold forming elbow machine,medium/high frequency power supply,Mould etc.In addition to satisfying the need of local market, the equipment also exported to: USA, England, Italy,Russia,Belarus, Turkey , Poland, Ukraine, India, Iran, Vietnam, Saudi Arabia,Singapore,Malaysia,Indonesia etc, and got a very high reputation.

     In order to fit the economic development, our factory is  transforming from manufacturing type enterprises,  into a research and development of manufacturing enterprises. The new  pipe bending machine is more energy saving, environment protection and beautiful.



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