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The operation notes of Intermediate frequency pipe bending machine 返回首頁

electrical parts of  induction bending machine-- intermediate frequency power supply

        1.Operator must be familiar with the machine parts performance and principle, before using it ,must conform that every part is normal.

        2. Before using, operator must inject cooling water, and adjust water press, then if there is no leakage phenomenon, open the power supply.

        3. After opening the power supply, please check the pointer instructions carefully, if any abnormal phenomenon, please  deal with it in time.

        4, Select the appropriate number of capacitance according to the diameter distribution

 mechanical parts of indcution bending machine--pipe bending machine

        1. Before bending ,check each part of the intermediate frequency pipe bender .

        2. The operator shall not stand in front of the clamp in case of injured.

        3. Must pay attention to the equipment antifreeze in winter.

        4. It is strictly prohibited to start the maintenance of the equipment.

        5. It is strictly prohibited to touch the induction coil and any other live parts.

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