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The processing parameters of hydraulic elbow machine 返回首頁

   The influence of heating temperature to elbow bending: heating the elbow by induction coil. The expansion and bending can be continuous if designing appropriate induction coil, suitable heating condition and pushing rate of pipe. When determining the heating temperature, it should be ensured that enough plasticity of the pipe when pushing. So the heating temperature  should be higher than recrystallization of billet material. Combined with practical experience, heating temperature for carbon steel is 750-750 ℃. The ideal heating temperature is that the outlet temperature is higher, and the expansion temperature is lower.

    The pushing rate of hydraulic elbow machine determines the forming quality. When pushing speed is higher than thermal deformation capability, the elbow will be  cracked. But when pushing speed is lower than it, the elbow will be wrinkled.

   The pushing rate is affected by the shape of horn mandrel, bending radius, the material, the uniformity of heating, specification and so on. Generally, the pushing speed is 90-120  mm/min.


Hydraulic system principle diagram of the induction pipe bending machine, is composed of 9 hydraulic cylinder and the 2 hydraulic motor component. The main clamp cylinder on a pipe always guarantee that the pipeline fixed on a rotary arm through the fixture, ensure pipe according to the predetermined radius bending; guide clamp cylinder auxiliary pinch effect, also has the guidance and the support function; promote the oil cylinder in the bend tube, to provide power for the pipe bending machine; auxiliary clamping cylinder is fixed on the Elbow push trolley on the elbow, prevent pipeline vibration in advance; positioning clamping cylinder of the main chuck positioning on the rocker rail, to prevent the work due to stress and mobile; positioning hydraulic motor, realize mobile arm workbench; reset motor is at the end of the rocker arm at the elbow, reset. In the hydraulic system of the tube bending machine, bending the main clamping cylinder, guide clamp cylinder, auxiliary clamping cylinder, propulsion cylinder and positioning clamping cylinder adopts a hydraulic control one-way valve lock, reducing the loss of pressure, in order to ensure reliable clamping, bending action of the pipe bending process.
Power outages, positioning and clamping. Then press the start button, the programmable logic controller (PLC) are performed automatically under the control of the following actions.

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