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Application of PLC control system at large diameter induction pipe bending machine 返回首頁

     In the induction pipe bending machine, Control button,   travel switch, a photo electric detection switch as input, the hydraulic switch, an AC contactor for output control fixture of the opening and closing of the motor starting and stopping, the control panel is provided with a manual and automatic switching button, manually by the control panel on each manual button were completed each process step operation, automatically by PLC in a predetermined sequence control program of automatic control of the completion of the main process.

     West east gas transmission project is a strategic project for the development of the West. In the transmission, a large number of large diameter pipes need to be used in the turning of the pipeline. The new control method is adopted in the design of large diameter and thick wall pipe.

    The PLC control system is used for the automatic control of the bending process and the quality control of the elbow.


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