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The future development trend of hydraulic pipe bending machine industry 返回首頁

    Tube processing equipment, due to the surge in the use of pipe, the use of the market is very large, oil, natural gas, sports equipment, boiler industry, construction industry, etc., in the specification, variety, quantity and other aspects of rapid growth, rapid improvement in technical level, basically meet the domestic market demand. These industrial development needs of pipe fittings processing induction pipe bending machine equipment basically can meet the market needs.

   Tube processing equipment in the processing accuracy, reliability, technical indicators, energy saving, pleasant and so on have obvious progress, new product development capabilities and market competitiveness are greatly improved.

    On the whole, the innovation ability ofinduction pipe bending machine, the leading domestic product technology level, has a good development prospects. New technology oriented to meet the special requirements of the new technology. The rapid development of power generation equipment, aircraft, ships, military, aerospace, vehicles, and so on, greatly promote the pipe processing equipment development, bending machine equipment, especially the automatic bending machine in the aerospace industry, shipbuilding industry, vehicle industry, has a very important position. Great progress has been made in the development of numerical control of the automatic pipe bending machine. Similarly, in addition, the hydraulic pipe bending machine, semi automatic pipe bending machine and other products also has a number of enterprises to develop, the products are sold overseas.


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